Wednesday 1 January 2014

Back from the dead. Sorta.

A few years ago, it was nice (in a narcissistic way) to know that if you Google'd "Lee Blackwell", you'd get to my blog from the front page, usually within the first 5 links.  Either me, or Lee Blackwell the skateboarder or Lee Blackwell the metal sculpture artist.

I committed "blogicide" as "life" was changing and I chose to write off all that history, the thoughts, the nonsense, in a cathartic "I'm starting over" fury of cleansing.

Anyhoo, it's a new year and it's now time (for me, this has nothing to do with you - see earlier comment about narcissism) to begin blogging again.

Twitter is all good and well, but there's not much of a rant that fits into 140 characters.
Google+ is handy, but it seems that it hasn't reached critical mass (yet).

My old blog as hand crafted with proper old skool geek goodness (vi, makefiles, rsync, etc) however, I'm way too lazy to do that sort of nonsense these days.

So, here it is, the new, improved, 20% better than before, Lee Blackwell blog.

This final parting word from my girlfriend, after wrestling the Mac out of my hand...

I'm also talking nonsense

With that, I'll bid you good night.

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